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NC Bankruptcy Lawyers

Newdale, NC Bankruptcy Attorney

Why we are Newdale, NC bankruptcy lawyers

For many years. our Bankruptcy practice has included Newdale, NC. We like doing something we are good at, and we like the outcomes for our clients. Over the years, we have saved many houses from foreclosure, stopped many repossessions, and have taken the burden of unpaid debts off of many people who simply can't pay. Almost all of our clients are in bankruptcy court due to no fault of their own: there has been a sickness, job layoff, divorce, death in the family or some other event that could happen to anyone, but which ruins our clients financially. Our Constitution provides for a bankruptcy law because the framers knew that giving people a fresh start was important to a good economy.

One thing we like about bankruptcy law is that, unlike any other area of law practice, we can tell our clients that if they give us good information, they can be assured that the result will be the one they have been promised. The process is meant to be as straightforward as possible, because we know that our clients are anxious about how things will go.

The Bankruptcy Court meets in Asheville for the western part of the state, so many of our clients come from communities such as Marion, Murphy, Hendersonville, Robbinsville, etc. It means we get to know people from all over the mountains, which is something that we enjoy.

Bankruptcy is not the best choice for everyone, and in many cases, we can find ways to avoid bankruptcy while dealing with our client’s debt problems. The best first step is to simply come see us so we can discuss your options in bankruptcy court. We want people to feel free to meet with us, so there is no charge for the initial consultation.